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All Types of Tree Work Contracting Undertaken

Private or commercial, whatever your requirements we can provide a cost for work in the NW.

Environmental Clear-Up

Land clearance, Caterpillar machine work, Reinstatement planting, Hedge laying and planting..Off road Access construction.

Professional Reports

Mortgage Reports, Risk assessments, Litigation, Planning applications/appeals, Method Statements. Surveys.

Professional Management

Proposals constructed, Contract implementation, Overseeing contractors, Site/Project management, General Advice.

Tree Health Diagnosis

Disease/Fungi identification, Decay detection, Root sample Identification. Interior cavity Identification and assessment. Non Invasive cavity plotting/diagnosis/solution.

The legal position of the tree owner: If you have a tree, you have responsibilities.

Tree owners have recently been held liable for damages caused by their trees, and owe a “Duty of Care” as defined in the Occupiers liability Act 1957 to any persons, property or animals within striking distance of their trees. The nature and extent of A Duty of Care has been continuously defined and proven in the courts of law.

In 2007 a legal case involving a storm damaged tree made a legal precedent in terms that it identified fully the level of care required and expected to avoid possible litigation. Furthermore it also identified the level of qualifications and experience needed by Tree Inspectors to ascertain competent tree safety. provides the full level of Academic Qualifications that can be expected in any court of law.

Many trees fail because of decay by fungal infections. To avoid risks the safety of significant trees must be assessed on a regular basis. can develop a cyclic and systematic agenda to assess your tree and comply with all legal obligations.

If the interior strength of cell structure is in doubt we can measure the percentage of deterioration using sonic tomography, a non-invasive methodology devised to detect and measure the turgidness of cells.


Our “PiCUS” Sonic Tomograph consists of 12 instrumental sensors. These sensors are attached evenly around the circumference of the trunk. They measure and plot to a field computer the sonic waves directed through the wood. If degrading cell tissue or a cavity exists within the tree then the sound waves cannot take a direct path through to the opposite receiver and are deflected instead to the nearest receiver. These measurements when taken many times eventually build up a picture of cell structural composition

The data is collected and transferred to software at the office where a scan type picture is then produced, either as a simple cross section or as a three dimensional picture. can provide tree cutting, pruning, felling and tree stump removal services in Manchester, UK tand produce a usable tactile print out of interior cell decay, that can be easily understood by all.

Trees have a lifespan, the period of decline is often species dependent and can evolve over more than a hundred years, during which time certain identities of growth are revealed.

As Tree care surgeon we can search for these characteristics and develop a management program around a tree depending on species, position and possible target areas.

service_img1The Tiverton Palms;

It’s an advantage to make ground preperations before transplanting ensuring sufficient mulch is incorporated into the growing medium.
Mulch provides easier access nutrients for the plant to source.

There are commercial products on the market for association to the soil borne fungi Mycorrhizza.

Mycorrhizza exists in all soils and has an important symbiotic role controlling the passageway or availability of nutrients to plants.

The photosynthesis process closes whilst under stress, so it is vital to encourage this productive stage to start again ASAP.

During periods of stress, plants can be helped if their photosynthesis has been slow, stopped or in reverse.

The basic food produced; a form of sugar for growth & development.

It is suggested a sugar solution of 20g per Litre water helps boost immediate energy levels and can via osmosis be helpful.


The environment today suffers from industrial neglect and pollution. By developing a sustainable tree management package you can leave a legacy capable of reducing Carbon dioxide and contributing to the recovery of the ecosystems throughout the world.

Caring for your tree means sustainable management practice, including removal and replacement when a tree becomes hazardous in
an area of popular use.

All Work and Consultancy Fully Insured.

services2Rarely are two projects the same, we don’t believe in one price fits all. We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates:

All working procedures comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act (European Directive) 1992. All personal receive professional training conforming with Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations Act 1998 .

All equipment complies with Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.

All sites and places of work comply with H&S Safe Work place regulations 1992 and the Road & Street Act 1991 Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 Vol 1&2 Dept. of Transport.

All Tree Work and Consultancy is to British standards 3998 or 5837:2012 and complies with Working at Heights Regulations 2006.

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