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  • Visual Tree Assessments.
  • Project Management.
  • Tree Health Diagnosis.

The legal position of the tree owner: If you have a tree, you have responsibilities.

Tree owners have recently been held liable for damages caused by their trees, and owe a “Duty of Care” as defined in the Occupiers liability Act 1957 to any persons, property or animals within striking distance of their trees. The nature and extent of A Duty of Care has been continuously defined and proven in the courts of law.

In 2007 a legal case involving a storm damaged tree made a legal precedent in terms that it identified fully the level of care required and expected to avoid possible litigation. Furthermore it also identified the level of qualifications and experience needed by Tree Inspectors to ascertain competent tree safety.


Our “PiCUS” Sonic Tomograph consists of 12 instrumental sensors. These sensors are attached evenly around the circumference of the trunk. They measure and plot to a field computer the sonic waves directed through the wood. If degrading cell tissue or a cavity exists within the tree then the sound waves cannot take a direct path through to the opposite receiver and are deflected instead to the nearest receiver. These measurements when taken many times eventually build up a picture of cell structural composition

The data is collected and transferred to software at the office where a scan type picture is then produced, either as a simple cross section or as a three dimensional picture. can provide tree cutting, pruning, felling and tree stump removal services in Manchester, UK tand produce a usable tactile print out of interior cell decay, that can be easily understood by all.

Trees have a lifespan, the period of decline is often species dependent and can evolve over more than a hundred years, during which time certain identities of growth are revealed.

As Tree care surgeon we can search for these characteristics and develop a management program around a tree depending on species, position and possible target areas.

The environment today suffers from industrial neglect and pollution. By developing a sustainable tree management package you can leave a legacy capable of reducing Carbon dioxide and contributing to the recovery of the ecosystems throughout the world.

Caring for your tree means sustainable management practice, including removal and replacement when a tree becomes hazardous in
an area of popular use.

All Work and Consultancy Fully Insured.


One of the simplest differences tree owners can make is to care for the trees in our urban environments.

If we care for urban trees we defend populations of insects, birds and mammals, enriching our lives and bringing basic but much needed moral satisfaction to our neighbourhoods.

We all know the healthy contributions of oxygen production and carbon retaining contributed to trees, but how often do we relate the significance of this to the trees in our own backyard gardens.

Greater Manchester; one of the most densely populated areas of the world is also one of the most tree populated cities. Despite being the opposite two hundred years ago. Which relates to the relationship many of our big mature trees are now reaching 2/100 years old?



These big old trees need some looking after and younger replacements trees need to be growing in gardens or on streets where there is a sympathetic future for them. Trees are dynamic structural giant plants, often living hundreds of years but not usually anything like this in our urban environment.

In the constricted urban environments, trees are growing up through exhaust fumes past salts on the roads. Their growing medium compacted and their source for collection tarmac ked over. Yet they persevere and struggle on, even when the annual street is dug up for cable laying, their jugular roots sliced or ripped by mechanical shears, they carry on offering shade, and aesthetic improvements with their seasonal shape changing magnificence



It is at this point, in our towns and cities that trees are constantly under so much stress. We believe the urban trees need a greater molecular understanding than what they are often given. Bad Pruning Techniques will result in damage to future growth or exposed tissue that leaves the tree susceptible to disease and premature death. Trees like all living things will naturally reach a point in their lives when old age sets in and the inevitable but often slow decline begins. It is also at this point that the tree needs Tree Care by a professional, not necessarily the cheapest Tree-Feller.

Tree Work by a professional who understands why something should be done and why something shouldn't be done. Tree Work undertaken by a Tree Surgeon or Arborist who knows why reaction growth has occurred and can identify recovery wounds or stress ridges and cracks within the tree. A Tree Specialist, who knows the characteristic re-growth response by certain different species of trees and consequential growth patterns, can advise clients of what to expect and what not to expect.



An Approved Tree Consultant who also climbs and works in trees and therefore holds the hands on experience to pass that information on without guess work or passing on the wrong prognosis. are able to offer a Picus Tomography apparatus capable of producing a colour computer cross section or 3D scan/picture identifying within the tree interior, cavities, cracks, holes and failing strength tissue. Comprising this information and interpreting the consequences can be very useful when making a decision regarding significant trees in the urban environment. It may justify or mitigate strength of a proposal with local planning decisions. The right information will also provide you with a level of satisfaction in knowing you made the right decision.

Provincialtrees Approved Urban Tree Specialists by the Institute of Chartered Foresters investing into scientific technology for the good of Urban Trees in Gtr Manchester


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