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Moving large trees requires some expertise, the journey of the Three Tiverton Palms necessitated raised trunk support via broad wooden beams every metre minimising stress from concave trunk contact. The rootballs positioned hard behind the headboard offer maximum rigidity with minimum movement and less wind drying factor. The foliage was gently pulled into a conical envelope and wrapped in breathable membrane to minimise transevaporation during transport.

If the customer desires a tree cutting operation that is detrimental to the health of that tree, we will be obliged to inform the customer the best course of action.

On occasions the best solution is to remove the tree and replant a more suitable species. We can help identify suspect or unsuitable species and advise or implement a program of works, including replacements and planting schemes, producing; Positively the Right Tree for The Right site.

Trees are dynamic and constantly evolving plants, often growing hundreds of years and adapting to many influencing circumstances.

There are many environmental factors surrounding the longevity and success of tree growth, some of which can be altered to improve or slow down development, others of which may not be within the control of the owner.

Changing topography or surrounding infrastructure will often alter the lifespan of most tree species; the tree produces characteristic reaction growth patterns before declining. Certain characteristics and features can be predictable during growth development or at many different stages when the tree is maturing. The important realization is that trees are not inanimate objects; they do not remain the same.

Through the 1980’s provincialtrees.com transition through a learning curve of changing international standards delivered a reputation for tenacity and commitment to the client, whilst ensuring the project and budget were successful.

Continual professional development was essential in allowing provincialtrees.com to gain advantage in evolving working practices, changing British Standards, incorporating European directives, emerging modern technology and tree health analysis.



provincialtrees.com were early members of the Arboricultural Association becoming AA’ Approved Contractors from 1990-2006 before gaining professional membership and Approved Counsultant status with the Institute of Chartered Foresters, specialising in Urban Forestry.

Trees suffer from stress during movement operations and it is recognised that the less time any plant spends out of the growing medium the sooner it will recover, the same physiology also applies to the plant lying horizontal.


The Tiverton palms were dug out on a Saturday morning and already stood up and supported in the Sunday morning. Less than 24 hours from start to finish.

Chartered Professional Status was awarded by the Institute of Chartered Foresters MICFor.

provincialtrees.com have evolved with changing standards and practices, from essentially a contracting business to also providing consultancy, non invasive interior cell scanning Picus tomography, tree analysis, advice and management solutions.

provincialtrees.com have at their disposal more than just contracting equipment, recycling facilities, or specialized instruments.

provincialtrees.com has the knowledge and experience that only comes with time, dedication to trees, environmental concern and the continued assessment of how trees grow and respond to change.

Hewn from the delivery of Emergeny Tree Services to Manchester City Council, Salford City Council, Bury MBC, Tameside MBC and many other Local Authorities or Government Departments, Our Most Valuable Asset is OUR REPUTATION.
Second to None for delivery and Safety in the tree care industry of North West England.

provincialtrees have an Unblemished Safety record, with NO Claims on our Public Liability, Employers Liability or Professional Indemnity Insurance Policies in more than Twentyfive years of Trading, concerning work with thousands of individual trees.

We Sincerely believe we are the only long established tree work contracting company who can make this STATEMENT.

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