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Welcome: To the site of Englands' Nth West premier Tree Work Company
          Public Highways

         Restricted Access

     Hazardous Environments

         an unrefutable reputation for  




      Tree Work Contracts.

  Working to deliver Service

 Approved Urban Tree Specialists by the:
Institute of Chartered Foresters

    highest academic qualifications

          supported by 25 years 
               practical experience.
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*Above working on a busy thoroughfare, pedestrian access diverted around works and protected from the traffic.
*Below, 1&2 crown reduction and thinning of Oak causing light restrictive nusiance. 3 Beech removal causing property damage.

*Above: Leylandii are nortorious for rapid growth and consequently light restrictive when planted too close.
They can grow more than 1m each season, but respond to regular clipping,  not beyond the greenery.

                                                                                                                                     *below: right Tiverton>

receding a torrential storm highlighted down the M5, we arrive one October morning 2013 in   
 Tiverton, Devon.
 To dig out for transplanting in Heywood, Manchester, three maturing 30ft Trachycarpus Palm trees.

 Our primary concern is locating and isolating the services entering the property through the garden.
 C.A.T. detectors are useful for detecting conduit metal pipes encasing electricity or water, but not
 much use identifying plastic Gas pipes or Fibre Optics.

 It's a good idea to eliminate risk and hand dig narrow trenches between the service points off 
 highway and the trees to  be excavated with the intention to intercept service entries.

 Once the hard work is done, it is a relative easy job for the mechanical excavator to dig out the
 rootball under careful instruction.

 Lifting two tonne of tree and rootball requires subtle guidance of the lift. The broad nylon sling is
 prevented from biting into the bark by a woollen carpet wrapped a few times around the trunk.
 Positioning the lift as low as possible for strength yet maintaining an equilibrium for hoisting.

 Does heritage matter? We think so. At we won't send a lesser  
 qualified person. Simple as that, furthermore it won't cost you more than any skilled 
 trades persons, indeed when you consider the environment, it will be much less.  
              Caring for a tree creates a sustainable environment for the future.

                       subscribes and supports:
                  The Arboricultural Association and The Royal Forestry Society 
         Approved Urban Tree Specialist by The Institute of Chartered Foresters.

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