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Provincialtrees.com believes that tree heritage is far more important in the North West than any other region of the UK. Our once industrial heartlands now cultivate a far greater range of species than could be anticipated. Our Urban tree care specialists' advice and decisions are structured from academic tree growth understanding, continuous professional development and more than 25 years experience. Caring for a tree creates a sustainable environment for the future.

Provincialtrees.com Subscribes and Supports:

The Arboricultural Association and The Royal Forestry Society

Approved Urban Tree Care Specialist by The Institute of Chartered Foresters.

There are many Tree Cutters, Arborists, Tree Felling and removal companies within Gtr Manchester who offer a reasonable standard of efficiency in carrying out a Professional Tree Cutting Service, and many who do not.

At Provincialtrees we offer a different level of tree care services. We offer our customers a brighter understanding of what is best for Healthy Trees. We recognize that all too often a large tree can soon dominate your garden and remove the essential sunlight. You may just want to get rid of the tree or you might contemplate trimming the tree to allow more light through to your lives.


Making this decision could be something that has consequential effects to the whole criteria of your garden or even your property, indeed there may be legal implications. Provincialtrees.com offer bon-a-fide tree academia to BSc(Hons) level coupled with the experience of practical Tree Work with thousands of trees within the Greater Manchester Urban Tree Environment.

You may read our competitors blogs offering a vast array of shiny new tools with which they may be able to Cut Down Trees in your garden faster in Gtr Manchester.

But at Provincialtrees we believe different. We believe that our foremost investment starts with understanding Tree biology and whilst the methodology of climbing trees or safely tying knots & the complexity of mechanics has a place for a Tree Surgeon in Gtr. Manchester. We believe the biological understanding of molecular plant growth and in particular that of our largest plants: Trees, is fundamental. to Tree Care Services.

Many organisations exist in the commercial business world offering to endorse and connect you with people from all types of trades offering all types of workers, including inevitably: the Tree Surgeon and Arborist in Gtr Manchester.

However the majority of trade organisations are "just that". Existing as themselves to promote business. Their primary interest lies with subscription taken from the business members they promote. Most offer little scrutiny of the academic knowledge of the people they promote accepting sometimes at a limited practical craft or safety level. Which is an important factor when working in trees at any height, but we do not believe this should be our over-riding concern when trees contribute so much.

That is why Provincialtrees are not promoted by any trade organisations.

We are however promoted by the Institute of Chartered Foresters which is an Institution of HM government recognition, safeguarding a profession that exists primary for the good of UK trees. It does not promote any person without fully scrutinising their academic tree care knowledge& experience.

Some people may assume a gardener capable of cutting grass has green fingers and therefore capable of Tree Cutting, Tree Felling and tree removal services. But there is a world of difference in maintaining the longevity of a 3cm.Monocot (grassy plant) and a 30m.Dicot (woody plant). Other people may not even care. But if you do care, Provincialtrees.com have a full understanding of all Tree Growth and the unique characteristic values of the different Tree species.

We suggest without fulfilled knowledge, most tree care recommendations are hardly beneficial & quite often destructive to the future health of our urban tree

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